Jessie (bleedingonyx) wrote,


Is so .... i dont know what to call it.

The project we were working on finally went into submission and passed on the first try. So it has finally launched. Woo hoo! BUT...

That means we don't have work to do right now until we get the next projects in the building to work on. This is good AND bad. haha. Luckily i am full time permanent now, so I dont get sent home without pay. However we get to sit around the lab, and play video games, watch movies, and surf the web for the next week or so.

This is cool, except for the fact that I am getting a bit stir crazy!
Without work, i feel like i'm hanging out with the people i work with. Which is okay except for me wanting tray to die, and being jealous when anyone i actually like is hanging out with him. And by jealous i mean, sick to my stomach.

Today is weird.

Praise God for being full time and having benefits.

<3 Bye lj
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